If you decide to assemble your bike, your warranty is valid with or without a mechanic sign-off or inspection.

However, it is important to understand that damages resulting from improper assembly are not covered by the warranty.

Please watch our assembly video and read about common mistakes on our support page before attempting assembly. 

These links will always have the most up to date tips:

General Assembly Info

Commonly occurring mechanical issues due to improper assembly

  • incorrect indexing of derailleur

            - results in " derailleur failure, hanger failure, chain failure and/or damaged rear wheel"

  • incorrect installation of adjust brake/rotor/calipers

    - results in "reduced stopping power, unseemly noise or grinding"

  • incorrect installation of crank arm or chainring 

           - results in unseemly noise, increased wear on bottom bracket and potential damage to spindle or crank

  • incorrect installation of headset and steerer tube

            - results in wobbling or creaking and undue stress/increased wear on the headset construction

  • incorrect installation of front wheel correctly

          - results in wobbly or loose sensation while riding or braking

  • incorrect reinstallation of rear wheel correctly (arrives installed - applicable in cases of rear wheel removal)

            - results in "rear wheel falling off or undue stress and damage to rear dropouts"

If you self-assemble, you are operating your ebike under the pretense that the mechanical connections were installed/assembled safely and securely. Ride safely under the assumption of risk that all mechanical components have been checked thoroughly.

Take a look at our supplementary article here: Electric Bike Safety - Check Before Every Ride