If on a ride you can disconnect the wires so you can continue your ride or finish your ride.

  • Carefully disconnect the brake sensor wires (red, with 2 pins) just inside the rubber grommets on the left and the right. Always align connectors properly when reconnecting to avoid damage. 
  • Be mindful not to pedal while braking (not something we commonly do in the first place)

A few things can cause Error 25:

  • Holding either brake lever while the bike is powering up.
  • A damaged brake lever
  • A brake lever needing service, not returning to resting position
  • Magnet needs adjusted or is missing.
  • Sensor needs adjusted.
  • Sensor needs replaced. 

If the brake lever is not in the resting position or it was squeezed while powering the bike on. 

  • In this case, verify the brake lever is released and returns fully to the resting position. Turn the bike off and on again. 

If the issue persists, please determine which brake sensor needs attention.

  • Disconnect the left brake sensor wire (see video below). Turn the bike off and on. If Error 25 appears, the right brake sensor or magnet may need adjusted.
  • Disconnect the right brake sensor wire. Turn the bike off and back on. If Error 25 appears, the left brake sensor needs attention. A brake sensor or magnet may need adjusted
  • Now that we know which sensor needs attention we can troubleshoot further
    • Adjust the sensor and magnet properly (see video).
    • You can compare to the brake sensor and magnet that is working properly to make sure you have it adjusted.
      • Additionally, if your sensor is hanging down loosely and not tight against the brake lever, it can cause the magnet to engage the sensor even if the lever is released or adjusted.
    • Turn the bike off and on and see if the Error persists. 
    • In some cases, a replacement sensor or magnet may be needed. Please understand, if proper adjustment is not taken, the replacement will also need to be properly adjusted for it to work.  

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please:

All of this can be explained in our Error 25 Video below:

Should you need to replace your brake sensors or magnets, this can be shown/explained in the video below: