Holding either brake lever when MODE is pressed to power up the bike will result in Error 25. Releasing the brake lever will clear this code. ... If Error 25 persists, turn off the bike, and then turn it back on without squeezing either lever. If the trouble code still shows, please watch the video below. 

If you are out on a ride, and need to get back home, you can disconnect which ever sensor wire thats throwing the error code. The sensor wires connect just inside the rubber grommets on the left and right of your bike (on the downtube). Please trace the wire from the brake, when you disconnect it, the end of the wire should be RED. Disconnecting the sensor that is throwing the error 25 code will restore power to the motor and allow you to continue your ride or ride home. You may need to cycle the display off/ on between disconnecting. 

If one of your brake sensors is damaged, misaligned, or defective, the easiest way to proceed is to identify which side is causing the error by disconnecting the EBS cable one side at a time until you identify which sensor (Left or Right) is causing the error 25 code.

Additionally, if your sensor is hanging down loosely and not tight against the brake lever, it can cause the magnet to engage the sensor even if the lever is released or adjusted.

All of this can be explained in our Error 25 Video below:

Should you need to replace your brake sensors or magnets, this can be shown/explained in the video below: