Our bikes will come between 85-90% assembled.

Typically the fork, handlebars, crank arm, front wheel, seat and pedals will need to be installed and properly tightened (depending on model and generation). 

Example of LMT'D Ebike (85% Assembled)

We recommend you have your bike assembled by a professional. If you follow the manual and install yourself, have it checked by a bike mechanic prior to riding to ensure the bike is assembled properly and safely. It is important to understand that damages resulting from improper assembly are not covered by the warranty. 

If you plan to assemble yourself, you should be comfortable with basic bike mechanics. Please watch our assembly video and read about common issues on our support page before attempting assembly. The General Assembly Info will always have the most up to date tips:

Find a bike mechanic in your area

Check our article here - Bike Shops, Mechanics, Service and Assembly

Feel free to bring/print/use the handy checklist attached below if you are bringing your bike into a shop for assembly or certification.

Once your bike is assembled, take note of our article here: 

Electric Bike Pre-Ride Safety Check - Check Before Every Ride