Direct Shipment Available:

  • Continental US 
  • Hawaii ($400 per bike shipping fee)
    - Prodigy and Cafe Cruiser shipments costs are $600 due to larger shipping dimensions 
  • Alaska ($400 per bike shipping fee)
    - Prodigy and Cafe Cruiser are excluded from AK shipment options due to larger shipping dimensions 
  • Canada ($100 per bike shipping fee)

Shipping internationally?We are unable to ship internationally at this time. You are able to import an ebike to other countries but must first verify it meets your countries standards and regulations before placing your order. All paper work must be in order in advance and this is the responsibility of you, the importer. 
This will also require a freight forwarder to ship to your country at additional cost. The list below all require a freight forwarder, we recommend getting an official finalized quote before placing your order with us. See more details here International Orders 

  • Mexico
  • Central/South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • PO Boxes
  • AFO (Armed Forces Overseas) 

Shipping Cost

Shipping within the Continental United States is FREE.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $400 per bike.
Prodigy and Cafe Cruiser models are $600 to HI due to larger shipping dimensions
Prodigy and Cafe Cruiser are excluded from AK shipments due to larger shipping dimensions 

Shipping to Canada is $100 per bike. Sales to Canada are in USD and the importer may or may not face import duty charges depending on Canadian customs. (We have experienced variable enforcement.)

Shipping to Europe. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our bikes directly to Europe. You can use a shipping forwarder like to reach your country. 

Using Shipping Forwarders to Reach Your Country 

If you use a shipping forwarder for your bike, we recommend getting an official, finalized quote from them. We are only able to provide minimal support on these cases and are not responsible for any damages, change of rates or issues between you and the Shipping Forwarder. The buyer must do all of their own due diligence with respect to certifications etc and we are not responsible for any duties or fees upon delivery. It is recommended to check with the shipping forwarder before placing your order so you do not incur additional charges from them when they receive your package. 

Shipping Timeline

We ship same business day UPS, FedEx, or GSO if ordered before 12pm PST.

Shipping Method and Tracking

We select the lowest rate ground shipping in the United States. We allow multiple shippers to compete against each other to offer the lowest shipping price. Therefor, we typically cycle between (west coast), FedEx and UPS depending on who offers the lowest rate. Within 1 business day of receiving your order we will email you an 'Order Complete' email which contains your tracking information. Please use this number to track your shipment and have someone available during the delivery date to reduce the risk of package theft.

Shipping Savings

One of the reasons we are able to offer an unbeatable value compared to most competition is due to our shipping methodology.  We spend a bit more than most on packing our bikes as securely as possible into a box that is smaller than any eBike boxes you are likely to see (short of folding bikes). Our compact packing allows us to ship with domestic carriers under their oversize packing restrictions and other extra surcharges that other eBikes would otherwise face. This allows us to save considerably in our shipping costs. Guess what? We pass those savings directly onto to you. No one wants more of their eBike budget going to the shipping companies, so we do everything possible to avoid that.