Finding an eBike suited for you and your needs is hard! That begs the question, what are my needs? How do I plan to use my eBike?

If you want to compare all the components of each model and nail down which model is right for you, you can find a complete comparison of our models here!

You may find that your use case fits into one of these categories quite nicely. Take a look below and let's get in where we fit in!

  • The Weekend Warrior - Girls (and boys) just want to have fun! Low stress and tooling around town or on light trails, you are going to want something simple, fun and easy on the eyes. Check the Turris, Prodigy XR/ST, fat tire Cafe Cruiser or the Roadster v2 

  • The Commute Crusher - No car, no problem! Dependable and street ready - look no further, you want the 700 Series for those long commutes or the Prodigy which has German integrated components and comes standard with rack and fenders.

  • The Joy Rider - No worries, a 15 minute break from work means an easy 5 miles or more of sunshine and wind in your hair - was your favorite café too far away? Not anymore! Save money on gas and treat yourself to lunch with the Roadster v2 and Turris.

  • The Ebike Connoisseur - Ready to grab life by the handlebars and have a taste for the finer things? Let us take you there with the 700 series. Not your first rodeo? The Prodigy is for you. Looking for dual passenger capabilities? Check the all new fat tire Cafe Cruiser and the Rift.

  • The Eco-Warrior - Ready to reduce your carbon footprint and save the world one mile at a time? Lucky us, every model that we have comes with a Pledge To Reduce Emissions Discount opportunity. If you are all about working smart and not hard, check our blog on Efficiency and Energy Cost and you will see... eBikes, they're the smart thing to do!

There are so many different riders out there, so we are constantly improving and learning how best to fit your needs.

Our friendly staff are eager to help you find your next electric adventure!

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