If you are experiencing unusual problems with a non functioning motor or similar issue that cannot be traced back to a physical hardware issue. The internal controller may need to be replaced. 

This process can be quick and painless, but it needs to be completed properly, as rushing the process or using the wrong tools could cause a much bigger headache. We have a video for how to access the controller for each of our models below. 

Things to consider:

- You'll need a properly sized screw driver, and in most cases, you will need two properly sized + (phillips) screwdriver bits to remove the battery housing screws easily without stripping them.

- When replacing the controllers, it is helpful to take a picture of how the wires were connected, so they can be matched in the same way.

-There is a wiring diagram attached below should you want to look it over. The connections are slightly different on the Core5 and LMT'D ebikes.

- If done correctly, replacing the internal controller should take approx 30 minutes.

500 Series XR frame (If you have the ST model, please contact us for detailed directions):

700 Series:

Core5 and LMT'D XR frames (If you have an ST model, the controller is at the bottom of the battery compartment):