Ride1Up Demos, Service Locations, and Mechanics Nationwide

You can also search "bike shop" on Yelp or Google and contact a local establishment (that has great reviews and prices) to help you assemble and maintain your bike.

When looking for a bike shop for assembly, maintenance, or repairs, it may be best to search for "bike shop" rather than "ebike shop"

A good mechanic is priceless: read more about best practices in finding that special someone.

You may find this surprising, but many of the components on your new bike do not require an electric bike technician. 

Useful tips:

  • Trustworthy bike shops will work on bikes they do not sell. 
  • Any local bike shop with good reviews and reasonable pricing can likely work on your bike. 
  • We have a list below, but feel free to call one near you to find the best fit!

By looking for bike shops instead, you should be able to find a great local bike shop that can assist you for the lifespan of your Ride1Up ebike!

Lastly, some local bike shops may be intimidated to work on an ebike. However, we are here to support you and them in troubleshooting or replacing parts as needed. We can assist anyone who is familiar with basic hand tools, carefully following the steps provided and clearly reporting back the findings (sometimes with pictures and or video). 

Some shop owners or bike mechanics may not realize this, so it makes a difference if you let them know that our trained support team is available and happy to assist.

*If you have recommendations or updates for our list of mechanics that have done an outstanding job on your Ride1Up ebike, please share your experience; we appreciate your input!*