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A good mechanic is priceless: read more about best practices in finding that special someone.

You may find this surprising, but many of the components on your new bike do not require an electric-bike technician. 

Useful tips:

  • Trustworthy bike shops will work on bikes they do not sell. 
  • Any local bike shop with good reviews and good pricing can likely work on your bike. 
  • We have a list below, but feel free to call one near you to find the best fit!

You can search "bike shop" on Yelp or Google and contact a local establishment (that has great reviews and prices) to help you assemble and maintain your bike.

When looking for a bike shop for assembly, maintenance or repairs, it may be best to search for "bike shop" rather than "ebike shop"

High-end ebike shops will likely sell ebikes and may not want to work on an ebike of a different brand or one not purchased from them. By looking for bike shops instead, you should be able to find a great local bike shop that can assist you for the life of your bike!

Other local bike shops may be intimidated at the thought of working on an ebike. However, we are here to support you and them in troubleshooting or replacing parts as needed. We can assist anyone who is familiar with basic hand tools, carefully following the steps provided, and clearly reporting back the findings (sometimes with pictures and or video). Some shop owners or bike mechanics may not realize this, so it makes a difference if you let them know that our trained support team is available and happy to assist.


REI is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation shop with national locations that offers outdoor-oriented services. More importantly, they have a Bike Shop that offers services like assembling eBikes, maintenance/tune ups, and repairs. Click our link above to search for a local REI to bring your Ride1up in for assembly. It is recommended to call your local REI ahead of time and check what services they may offer, before bringing in your Ride1up for assembly, as locations may differ in what services they may offer.



Craig Merrell (Gilbert & Chandler) - Craig's Kruisers

(602) 292-3871


Orange County 

Shawn - Synaptic Cycles

34085 Pacific Coast Highway #108 Dana Point, CA 92629

(949) 484-6409 -

San Diego Area

Velofix Mobile Mechanics (San Diego East)


San Francisco, Bay Area, North Bay

Charles Himes - Razz Wheels and Bike Repair

900 College Ave. Santa Rosa CA, 95404

(707) 695-0969 -

Sunshine Bicycle

737 Center Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930

(415) 459-3334


Thai Nguyen - Velofix Mobile Mechanics

(760) 349-6825 -


Colorado Springs

Cycledelic Bikes

3107 West Colorado Avenue #263, 

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

(719) 301-9021


eBikes USA  - Ride1UP Dealer and assembly service

201 University Blvd Suite 123, Denver, CO 80206

(720) 746-9958


BikePro Mobile
Blaine Hook, BSE Certified
Bicycle Service and Repair
(719) 572-0333

District of Columbia

YouMove Syndicate
     1314 14th St NW
      Washington DC, 20005 

      $75.00 e-bike tune up with a 24 hour turnaround

      (617) 307-8206


Tampa Area

City Bike Tampa
208 E Cass St, 
Tampa, FL 33602 

(813) 225-1777

Tarpon Tom's Outdoor Adventure Gear 
537 S Pinellas Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL
(727) 942-8200 

E-mobilize - We Come To You

Clearwater, FL & surrounding areas

(727) 296-1800  

The Villages

Mike Miles - Mobile Bike DoctER 

(operates within 200 miles of The Villages, FL)

Bike DoctER Facebook Business Contact 

Two year service plans available for $250

$125 per bike assembly

(352) 492-2864  

Are you in FL and looking to rent a bike to test it out?

Check with Frank at

Village Bicycle Rental

(352) 462-0653



3rd Coast Cycles - Bicycle Repair, Rental

152 N Lake Shore Dr. 

Chicago, IL 60601 

(773) 682-5477

New Mexico


Stevie's Happy Bikes

Please call or text
(505) 450-8366

North Carolina


The Bike Shop at REI

9755 Northlake Centre Pkwy, 

Charlotte, NC 28216

(740) 921-0320

Rhode Island

Entire State and New London County

Marcus Orr- Velotooler Mobile Mechanic

Approx. $100 per bike assembly

*If you have recommendations or updates for our list of mechanics that have done an outstanding job on your Ride1Up Ebike, please share your experience, we appreciate your input!*