Record your serial number

  • Learn more here: Where is my serial number on my bike?
  • Whether you have a new or used bike, document this when you receive the bike.
  • You can also register it online using the serial number:
  • Recording the serial number is one of the number one ways you can protect your ebike. 

Other tips to keep your bike safe

  • Some owners get insurance and/or alarms for their ebike.
  • Check here for recommendations or tips from other owners: Facebook owners page

Best practices for storing your bike in public 

  • Avoid leaving your bike out of sight when possible. 
  • If running errands for extended periods, the best practice would be to remove the battery and take it with you.
  • Storing your bike outside overnight or l forong periods of time is not recommended. This gives them time to plan ahead and hours to get the bike.

Use a good quality lock 

While important, this is only a deterrent. With enough time and the right tools, any lock can be beaten. t is important you do not leave your bike unattended for too long. The Ride1Up team uses the following locks to secure their ebikes when they are out and about.