The serial number on your bike is crucial to have if your bike is ever stolen. 

New or used bike, document this right when you receive the bike.

You can also register it online using the serial number:

Recording the serial number is one of the 1st steps you can take to protecting your new E-bike. Here are a few other tips to be mindful of. 

Some owners get insurance for their ebike, check here for recommendations or experiences:Facebook owners page 

Where you leave your bike and how you store it may be the next most important thing. I avoid leaving my bike out of sight when possible. If I am running errands, I often remove the battery and take it with me in my messenger bag.

Leaving or storing your bike outside over night is not recommended. This gives them time to plan ahead and hours to get the bike.

Using a good quality lock is very important, but only a deterrent. With enough time and the right tools, any lock can be beaten. So, again, it is important you do not leave your bike unattended for too long. The Ride1UP team uses the following locks to secure their ebikes when they are out and about.