We are so sorry if you are visiting this page! In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, here are some things you can do after the fact. Please also review this article to aid in preventing future theft: Locks, Security, Theft, Alarms

Photograph any evidence of the stolen bike (ex. cut lock)

  • This will be helpful in filing reports and documenting the theft

File a police report as soon as possible

  • Even if you do not have the serial number of the bike, it can be helpful to file a report for documentation purposes and especially for filing an insurance claim listed in step 3. 

File a claim with renter's or home owner insurance

  • Depending on your policy, the theft could be covered even if the item was stolen off of your property.

Create alerts for bikes being posted on Craigslist, Offerup, and Facebook

  • If you see your bike listed, provide this information to your local police noting your previously filed police report #. It may not be safe to meet with them and we do not recommend doing so.  

We are so sorry your bike was stolen. We hope this information helps you recover or replace your bike so you can get back to riding again.