Achieving an upright posture for a more relaxed ride

  • Every open (ST) model comes stock with swept back handlebars. 
  • Every traditional (XR) model comes stock with straight riser handlebars.
  • Regardless of frame style, every 700 Series comes stock with an adjustable stem.
    - This will provide options for a more upright ride/posture.

When changing the components below, please verify it is the proper component for your bike. Depending on the fit, you may need to add or remove cylindrical spacers. These can be purchased easily online or at your local bike shop.


  • Higher Angle Stem:  All of our forks are the standard 28.6mm (1-1/8") in diameter.
    Make sure you match the diameter of your handlebars (25.4mm, or 31.8mm)

Stem Extender

  • All of our forks are the standard 28.6mm (1-1/8") in diameter. 


Cafe or 'pullback' handlebars are a great solution for a more upright posture. These can be found in bike shops or online pretty quickly. Make sure you buy the correct size bar clamp diameter.

Roadster v2 

  • 25.4mm

500 Series

  • Please verify the size. It may be 25.4mm or 31.8mm.

Core-5, 700, LMT'D

  • 31.8mm

NOTE: If you change the handlebars to cruiser bars, in combination with extending the stem, you may not have enough cable slack for proper installation. In most cases this isn't an issue, but it is best to check your bike first to ensure your cables and wires will reach. It is usually no problem, but you may have to adjust derailleur cable, brake cable, or wires.