If not careful when attempting to remove the battery from your 700 series, the battery knob may break. 

  • For best practices please review this article: 700 Series Battery Installing and Removing 
    • It is important to push upwards on the battery to take the weight off of the latch. 
    • Please use both hands when removing the battery. It is heavy and if the battery falls, the composite casing may shift and eject the knob or even break the knob.
    • If the knob is twisted with too much force, the knob may snap off.

If your release knob is broken, please contact us to order a replacement knob. To install it, please follow this VIDEO.

Tools needed:

  1. Torx 25 bit(be sure to select the proper bit, too big or too small, the screw may be stripped).
  2. Phillips screwdriver set