Yes, you can certainly change your stock tires on your Ride1UP Electric Bike once you receive it!

Step 1: Confirm your model and tire specs from our website

Step 2: Research your 3rd party tire options and confirm they are compatible with your current rims

To confirm compatibility, you can match the specs written on your current tires, or remove your stock tires and measure the Outer Rim Width (A) and Inner Rim Width (B) of your rims.

500 Series - A=31.05mm B=23.8mm

700 Series - A=39.86mm B=34.68mm

LMT'D/Core-5 - A=25mm B=19mm

Step 3: Share your snazzy new aftermarket parts, pictures and compatibility with your riding community on the Facebook Ride1UP Owner's Group

Check the handy chart from for more information on tire swaps and rim specs