We have all been there! We love our new eBikes and no matter how much care and precaution we take as the shipper or as the rider, there will still be a small incidence rate of cosmetic damage like blemishes, or scratches incurred during transit or during normal use. While this will not affect the performance of your Ride1UP Electric Bike in any way, we understand that this can be an eyesore or unappealing. We will do our best to help!

Due to the paint used in manufacturing of your Ride1UP electric bike, common color codes don't really work. Reserves of touch up paint are held for serious warranty cases. We used to use Pantone color codes for our finishes, but the Pantone color codes don't come out the same as the actual paint finish. What we're using now is a YS color code. This code cannot be used at your local paint store. However, color matching by them scanning the bike can provide a great color match and a small touch up bottle is often less than $10.00.

When it comes to frame, fender or rack damage, certain remedies are applicable based on severity.

Many of our riders have had good results supporting their local paint shop and asking for a color match. Small batches can be mixed for relatively low cost and will serve you well throughout your riding career!

Example 1

Deep gouge on frame


Epoxy putty spot treatment + Sand area + Color match touch up paint

Example 2

Surface scratch/chip on frame


Color match touch up paint (local hardware store)

Example 3

Surface scratch on rack/fenders


Rustoleum matte black paint or color match touch up paint (available at your local hardware store or online, spot treatment Paint Pens (available online or locally)