Breaking your kickstand can sure be a pain! Whether you are just needing a short term solution, or looking for a long term replacement, the Ride1UP team can certainly point you in the right direction!

For manufacturer's defects and warranty cases that have been reported within 3 days of delivery - please CONTACT US

For all other instances, lets get you going to find a good replacement! There are a few different types of kickstand styles and it helps to be able to recognize them when sourcing a replacement. Let's take a look.

The Center Mounted Kickstand

3rd Party Center Mounted Kickstand Option - Click Here

The Chainstay Mounted Kickstand

Chainstay Kickstand - 40mm

*Select 40mm spacing before checking out.

Once you take a look at your bike and confirm the attachment style of your kickstand, you are now ready to check for compatible options online or at your local bike shop!

Our Facebook Owner's Group is also great place to find and share alternative, 3rd party parts and compatibility.