If your hydraulic brake line seems too short, please avoid stressing it, do not force it. It likely just needs to be routed properly and the angle of your brake levers adjusted.

Please avoid stressing the hydraulic brake lines of your new Ebike. It is a hydraulic line and can be damaged by tension combined with sharp angles.

The following tips should reduce the tension.
  • Adjust brake levers to be angle forward and down.
  • Separate front brake hydraulic line from wire wrap if necessary.
  • Route cable inside the fork from the front.

Typically it is best to route it inside the fork from the front. This keeps the cable protected and less likely to get caught on something when

  • Storing your bike in the garage
  • Locking your bike up next to other bikes or against a bike rack
  • Riding
  • Transporting your bike in or on a vehicle

Normally this is done before the front wheel is installed, but it can be routed this way while the wheel is installed. 

  1. Carefully disconnect the caliper from the fork. 
  2. Route the cable in front of the fork, you can carefully place the caliper in between the spokes and then carefully rotate the wheel backwards and the slider the caliper back out. 
  3. Make sure the cable is not looped around any spokes.
  4. Re-atttach brake caliper, align, snug bolts, check alignment, adjust, tighten bolts, check alignment, test.

Additionally. As you adjust your handlebars, your brake levers should be adjusted as well. Typically having your brake levers pointing forward at a downward angle is the safest way to ride. You can keep a good grip on the handle bars, and when you need to adjust to use the brake lever, it is a smaller adjustment and you can still have a good hold on the grips. This should alleviate the tension on your brake line. 

Please never install these components with tension on the brake line. It is a hydraulic brake line and may be damaged if you put to much tension on it with a sharp angle.