If you hear noise coming from your drivetrain, it could be a number of things. We will review the possibilities below.

Crank Arms, Pedals, and Bottom Bracket Spindles

If you suspect it is coming from your pedals or crank arms, follow this link Creaking crank arm. It is likely that your crank arm bolts were not properly tightened during assembly. It is best to remove both crank arms, apply grease to the tapered spindles and then re-install the crank arms and make sure they are very tight. 39nm as noted in your owner's manual. You may also need to tighten your pedals. While riding, all of the riders force and weight could be on 1 pedal, so they must be tight.

Chain, Chainring, Cassette, and Derailleur
If you think it is related to your chain, chain ring, cassette, and/or derailleur, they may need cleaned and lubricated (or additional lubrication may be required) or your derailleur may need tuned. 

For information on tuning your derailleur  check here: Checking Mechanical Components

Often, a good cleaning and lubrication will resolve noises and improve shifting. If you are hearing a noise related to the drivetrain, it could be coming from the following areas labelled below. To determine where it is coming from, apply lubricant in each numbered area one at a time, then test the drivetrain to see if the noise goes away, diminishes, or even changes. If it changes, but does not quite subside, you know you are on the right track.

On the chain, only chain lubricant should be used. In the other labelled areas, if a noise persists it is worth trying something thicker, white lithium grease in a spray can works well and stays in the area it is applied. It is best to apply, let it soak, then after some time, be sure to wipe away any excess so the area does not attract dirt.

DO NOT let lubricant, grease, or oil get on your brake rotors or brake pads. 

  1. Jockey wheel of derailleur.
  2. Jockey wheel of derailleur.
  3. End of cassette near smallest cog and drop out.
  4. KMC Chain.
  5. End of cassette in between largest cog and hub motor.