Considering upgrading? Read this first. Before ordering, remove your seat post from your bike and verify the OD stamped on it (may be difficult to see as it is black on a black background).

Many riders prefer to dial in their new bike to fit their needs. Not only is it fun to accessorize your bike but also important if you will be logging a lot of miles.

That being said, it is best to try out the seat post and saddle that comes with the bike before upgrading to a larger saddle, longer seat post or a suspension seat post.

If you do decide you need that upgrade it is important you verify the seat post diameter on your bike. Over time, we make changes to the bikes, so asking online or checking online is not the best way to verify your seat post diameter.

To be sure your new aftermarket suspension seat post will fit your bike, carefully remove your seat post from your bike. Stamped into the seat tube will be the OD (outer diameter) of the seat post. It can be hard to see in poor lighting as it is all black stamped into the black seat post tube, but it is there!

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