This article outlines how to replace the lock cylinder on your 700 series. 

Please use the guide below for step by step instructions on replacing your lock cylinder. 

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Step 1: Remove battery & Lock cylinder

  • Remove the battery and set it aside. 
  • Remove the upper battery mount/ lock mechanism using the 2x Torx screws on the underside of the frame. The battery mount/ lock mechanism can now be removed from the bike. The lock cylinder can be replaced easier on a table or other flat surface. 

Step 2: Replacing the lock cylinder

  • Loosen the set screw on the back of the area circled in red, dont remove it, just loosen it enough to slide the lock cylinder out a small amount and insert the lock pin. 


  • Align the lock pin & lock cylinder then make sure the lock cylinder is all the way in. Tighten the set screw that was loosened earlier to hold the lock cylinder in place. Test the functionality. 

    Be very careful with the lock cylinder, if handled rough it can fall apart and then no longer be usable:

Step 3: Reinstalling the Mount/ Lock cylinder

  • Reinstall the battery mount into the bike making sure to position it correctly. 
  • Attach it to the frame using the 2x torx bolts previously removed. Tighten down then test the functionality with the battery/ key.

Make sure to carefully handle the lock cylinder/ replacement lock cylinder while the pins are exposed so they don't fall out of the cylinder.