No power to the motor? Motor non-responsive? 

This is no doubt the most frustrating problem to have, oftentimes on arrival after wires/connections shake loose in transit. Regardless of the cause, we will resolve this together with some troubleshooting.

Please remember clear inspection pictures always expedites the resolution.

Section 1: Advanced Troubleshooting (If possible)

  • If you can access a 2nd Prodigy or possibly a Brose ebike you can sometimes expedite the resolution with advanced troubleshooting (in complex cases, it can be worth asking friends or checking with local shops)
  • Only attempt this if connections and voltage match, if you think this is an option, contact our support team for guidance
  • Examples would include testing the battery from "bike A" on "bike B" to determine if the issue is the battery or another part of the electrical system. This could also be done to test. 

Section 2: Reset Display

Section 3: Troubleshooting Symptoms

  • In some cases your Brose Allround display may show a fault in yellow or red as shown
  • The information below is also in the display manual linked here.

The Allround display/control unit displays error messages from the entire pedelec system. The fault display indicates fault that the system can detect independently. Depending on the type of fault, the drive may be automatically switched off. Check the e-bike before making any further trips. Driving on without the assistance of the drive is possible at any time (provided there is no issue with mechanical bike components such as the derailleur). Check the e-bike before making any further trips. Similar to normal bike issues, it is better to determine the cause and address it to avoid damage or injury.

  • The fault display may indicate serious errors in your Brose Drive system. There is a risk of accidents involving personal injury and damage to the ebike.
  • Stop riding the ebike. Refer to the tables below.
  • If the meaning of the information is unclear, turn the bike off and contact support


Symptoms: If you experience any problems using your Brose Drive System, first check the items listed in the following table. In many cases, you can already remedy this yourself. 

Section 4: External Inspection

  • If the steps above do not resolve the issue conduct a thorough visual inspection of all external wires, components, and connections. 
  • Please take pictures of your wire and cable routing to share with the support team if the issue persists. 
  • Support may request specific pictures to help diagnose and expedite the resolution.

Section 5: Internal Inspection

  • If issues persist, please share pictures of the following:
    • Remove the battery, take pictures and visually inspect the top and bottom of the battery.
    • Press the status indicator and take a picture of the lights or create and share a short video
    • With battery removed, take pictures of the: 
    • battery compartment upper panel and inspect for any signs of damage.
    • battery compartment lower panel and latch mechanism and inspect for any signs of damage.