General fit and geometry specs are on the Roadster v2 product page

While these general fitting tips are great for casual or first-time riders, customers may reach out with questions on geometry. To help with the bike buying process we have compiled geometry data here along with some commonly asked questions from advanced riders. 

Geometry Specs

Top Tube Length548595
Head Tube Length160180
Seat Tube Length500560
Chainstay Length424424
Fork Length397399
Wheelbase 10261054
Head Tube Angle7071
Seat Tube Angle73.573.5

*all measurements are in millimeters with the exception of angle measurements being in degrees

Tire Clearance

Another common fit question for the Roadster v2 is tire clearance. 

While tire size is a personal preference, there are limits on what will fit and work well on our bikes. 

  • Roadster V2 - 32mm max tire width 
  • Roadster Gravel - 45mm max tire width