Revv 1 Multi-Class Speed System Explained

The Revv 1 moped-style electric bike ships programmed as a class 2 electric bike out of the box. 

This means that it will reach a maximum of 20mph with both pedal assist and throttle. 

However, there are options to customize the classes depending on where and how you plan to ride for your unique needs. The “Multi-Class Speed System” allows you to switch between different speed classes right on the display. Below are the different classes and their capabilities:

Revv 1 Class System Options

Pedelec (Class 2 – out of the box)

  • 20 MPH max speed with pedal assist or throttle

Class 3

  • Up to 28 mph via pedal assist and 20 mph throttle speed


  • 28+ MPH with pedal assist or throttle

How To Switch Between Speed Classes

Rider safety is our number one priority and in order to switch between classes, riders must fill out a waiver and submit to Ride1Up to receive instructions to unlock the speed systems. You can find the waiver info HERE.

This is to ensure riders fully understand the operational workings, warnings, and risks involved with unlocking the Revv 1 to reach certain speeds. It is crucial to understand that the ‘Off-Road’ mode is for private road use only. 

Additionally, riders should familiarize themselves with and follow the local and state regulations that pertain to electric bikes and their usage.