Range is affected by a variety of factors. 

Some of these can be optimized to ensure you are reaching your maximum range.

If you are concerned about your batteries performance, it may be best to test your battery range, use the trip meter on the bike and review the following checklist:

  • Charge the bike to 100% (the charger's LED should turn from red to green), it is best to cycle (drain and recharge) the battery 3-5x to reach maximum capacity.
  • Ride in PAS 1 or 2 (verify % setting in display)
  • Pedal hard or moderately during your ride.
  • Monitor how many Watts (W) are going to your motor (Press the middle button 3x)
  • Tires are at max psi (listed on the side of the tire) - soft or knobby tires can be a huge drag
  • Front  and rear wheel spins forward freely and true. It should continue to spin for quite a while and not slow down prematurely
  • Brakes are properly adjusted and not rubbing
  • No accessories, racks, fenders, etc are rubbing against the tires.

Other things that can impact range greatly that we will avoid for the purpose of the range test:

  • Riding into the wind
  • Riding up hills
  • Riding in a high PAS level
  • Weight of rider, accessories, and cargo
  • Using Throttle a lot
  • Accelerating from a stop. The more you stop and start, the more power is used
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Rough terrain
  • Knobby tires

If you are receiving less range than advertised, it is important to factor these variables into your expected range per charge cycle.

We conduct our range and speed tests on flat, smooth, paved surfaces with no headwinds or tailwinds using an 170lb test rider and an optimally tuned bike in temperatures between 50-80°F

Any variables to this equation could cause a difference in range. Assembly and maintenance issues, such as low-pressure tires, misaligned brakes or wheels, or low battery power can make a significant impact on test results.  We do not exaggerate or make false claims regarding our product specifications and test results. 

If you experience any issues regarding product performance, please CONTACT US and we will work together to determine the issue. It is important to conduct any speed tests in a safe controlled environment, as the product speeds can be dangerous in a public setting.

To review and compare for each model: https://ride1up.com/compare-models/