KD21C Display Ebike Models

  • Core-5

  • Turris

  • 500 Series

  • Portola

  • Cafe Cruiser

Please view our instructional video to explain the features of the display:

Understanding Your KD21C Interactive Display

Get the most from your Ride1Up ebike:

  • Default Settings

    - One of the first steps when troubleshooting any problem. With the display on the main screen, hold the (+) and power button (M) on your display at the same time. Cycle to default option 'yes'. Then press and hold the power button (M) to reset the display.
  • Wattage Output

    - Tap the (M) button 3 times to see your real-time wattage output while riding
  • Advanced Menu

    - Press (+) and (-) at the same time for 2 seconds to enter general settings.
    - Press (+) and (-) at the same time for 2 seconds again to enter advanced settings.
  • Battery and Voltage Levels

    - As shown in video: 40V, 44.5V, 46.5V, 47.5V, 49V. Changing your battery reading to voltage allows for a more accurate readout and display of your battery levels.
  • Pedal Assist Power Levels

    - Customizable to your needs, you can adjust potential power for each respective level to your preference.
  • Current Limit

    - It is best if climbing steep hills often to set your maximum current to no more than 18A. If you chronically receive error 24 (motor overheating), it may be best to lower this to 15 or avoid very steep hills.
  • Sensitivity Level

    - Pedal sensitivity will affect how quickly the motor activates when pedaling. This is adjustable and up to preference.
  • Speed Limit and Wheel Diameter

    - Press and hold the (+) and (-) buttons to enter the settings. Then, press and hold the (M) button and (-) to access the LS (speed limit) and LD (wheel diameter) settings.
    - Changing LS settings will not affect performance or speed.
    - Changing LD settings will cause your odometer to record more miles than you are traveling and is not suggested.

These features and programmable functions are helpful to get the best performance out of your Ride1Up ebike. Much is up to preference, and many prefer to keep the default settings for their ebike. Understanding the working relationship between the settings on your display and the performance of your bike is crucial to enriching your riding experience.

We have attached the PDF owner's manual from the manufacturer, a supplementary user's guide, and flow chart below.