Ride1UP 30-Day Return Policy 

*Returns are not available on separate purchases of batteries or used/opened accessories*

You are responsible for disassembling, cleaning if necessary, re-packaging (with proper packing materials to avoid new damage during return shipping) and cost of return shipping. It must be shipped within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund. Tracking must be provided when the package is handed off to the shipping provider. 

We do have alternative options instead of paying for costly return shipping to send the bike back. Please keep your bike assembled and continue reading below:

1) Within 30 days, after assembling your bike and testing it, if you are unsatisfied, please contact us and share the reason you would like to return the bike. Please keep your bike assembled during this process.

Shipping eBikes is expensive! We know better than anyone else. 

We will work with you to sell the bike locally. This is easier for you in many ways:

  1. You do not have to disassemble the bike or risk damage incurred in transit.
  2. You do not have to pack the bike; this can be time consuming to do properly and require extra packing materials (zip ties, tape, etc).
  3. You do not have to pay for return shipping. Shipping electric bikes is expensive, we know better than anyone else!
  4. Historically, many retain most if not all resale value because you have added value for the prospective Ride1UP buyer. 

This added value helps you and the new Ride1UP owner because:

  1. Neither party needs to wait for shipping to process refunds or receive the bike.
  2. The bike is already assembled for them (a high value component for many)
  3. They get to test ride a Ride1UP ebike before they buy!
  4. The warranty is transferrable (with proper documentation of sale completed in a timely manner)
  5. Avoids any possibility of new damage to the bike during return shipping (If the bike was shipped back and suffered new damage, this lengthens the assessment process and those damages would be deducted from your refund)

With shipping costs, packing material, time taken to disassemble and risk of transit damage, it can become more costly and labor intensive to ship the bike to us in lieu of a local sale. For tips and suggestions on selling your bike, please read Sell your eBike locally - Advice and Recommendations 

Alternatively, you could check with your local bike shop as some are familiar with shipping and receiving bikes or local resale options.

2) If you instead prefer to ship the bike back, please read the details below and confirm that you understand the return policy.

As long as the bike arrives back to us in the condition it was delivered to you in, you will receive 100% refund. 

  • Make sure to document the condition of the box and bike upon delivery and assembly! This is for your records should any additional damage occur during return transit

If you have damaged, dirtied or failed to safely package the bike damages and cleaning fees will be deducted from the refund. 

  • Buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. 
  • Buyer is responsible for cleaning the bike if necessary. It should be returned in the condition you received it.
  • Buyer is responsible for safely packaging and returning the bike to avoid damage during return shipping. 

Keep the original packing material and box until you are sure the bike is the right fit for you. This way you will be able to safely repackage and re-secure the bike for return shipping and avoid any unnecessary deductions.


Research the best ways to ship your bike. Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS or Bikeflights.com may all be viable options for your return. Shipping companies may provide packing advice and shipping rate information. You may need to ship the battery separately.

3) The order is subject to a $250 fee and ineligible for our 100% money back guarantee if it is:

  • Cancelled during or after it is processing for shipment
  • Cancelled while in transit to you
  • Delivered but not assembled
  • Returned to sender 
  • Refused upon delivery

*Returns are only available for customers ordering in the United States within the contiguous 48 states*