Installation is fairly straight forward. Here are some tips to make sure it goes smoothly.

Install the fenders first before you inflate your rear tire. If you already inflated it, you can carefully let the air out for better access.


Carefully align the rear fender, having a friend can help. 

Gently install the bolts at the circled locations of the rear fender near the seat tube without fully tightening them. 

You can adjust and make sure the position provides just the right amount of clearance and no chance of rubbing. 

The bolts on the plastic fender arms, can be loosened to extend or shorten the reach of the fender arms. 

Once you have it well adjusted, holding the fender in place, tighten each of the bolts until it is secure. Carefully inflate the rear tire, carefully spin it to see if there is any rubbing.

The front fender installation is very similar. 

The longer bolt should go all the way through the hole in the fork from the front. Then be secured with the nut. 

You can gently secure the bolts.  Check for clearance, make adjustments to fender arm length or bend. Carefully spin the front wheel by hand to check for proper clearance so nothing is rubbing against the tire. Now you can tighten the bolts until the fender is secure at each location.

REAR RACK INSTALL: (these are included)

Quantity 4 - M5 (12mm long) bolts.