Many of our bikes feature suspension forks to enhance the ride quality. The 500 & 700 models use forks with metal springs in the left leg and an oil bath in the right leg. The spring supports the rider, and the oil bath dampens the shock and allows for lockout capabilities. 

On our LMT'D & Prodigy, we use a more premier-level suspension fork. While this fork still uses the oil bath in the right leg, the left leg uses an air chamber to support the rider as opposed to a coil spring. The air chamber allows the rider to personalize their suspension settings by customizing the air pressure. This step is essential to get the best performance out of the bike. Below are the steps on how to do this. 

  1. Obtain shock-specific pump. A bicycle tire pump or air compressor will not work. The following link is for a suitable shock pump; however, any bicycle shock pump will work. , SHOCK PUMP LINK
  2. Remove the left top cap, ensure not to lose this cap, and screw the pump on. Replacement caps can be found the HERE.
  3. The Read value on shock pump. The pump will take some air from the fork to make the reading. This means the shock pressure will drop 5-10psi every time you hook up the pump. 
  4. Inflate the pump to the desired level. For pressure recommendations, consult the chart below. 
  5. Disconnect the pump and reattach the cap.