Cable routing for brakes and shifters is important on any bike

The majority of that is done when you receive the bike. If you find your wire routing is too tight in an area, one solution is to wrap less of or remove the wrap entirely from the front brake line. It really varies from model to model, and each assembly may be performed slightly differently by the owner or mechanic. If you are unsure, take some pictures and contact us.

  • Please make sure wires and cables are routed properly when installing handlebars. 
  • Wires and cables should not cross over unnecessarily
  • During assembly, you may need to flip the handlebars left to right, back to front, or front to back to ensure everything is where it should be before attaching to the steerer tube.
  • If you are unsure, review the assembly video and compare your routing.

Proper wire and cable routing on an ebike is crucial to avoiding loss of functionality.

  • None of the wires are stressed as you turn the handlebars to the left or the right. 
  • Check that all zip ties are in place and secure. At the chain stay, if the wire or shifter cable is not secure, it could be damaged if the tire rubs against it.
  • Make sure none of them get caught when storing the bike, loading it onto a bike carrier, locking up multiple bikes next to each other, loading it into a vehicle, etc.

See the pictures below for items 1 through 6.

  1. Motor cable leaving the axle. Never lay your bike on its right side, and avoid laying it down in general.
  2. Motor cable chain stays connection.
  3. The Motor cable should be zip-tied here, it passes near the tire and chain ring. If not properly routed, it can be permanently damaged.
  4. Cables are routed into or around the frame in this area. Avoid damaging them when riding and storing your bike.
  5. Cables enter the frame here. Verify they are not under excess tension when turning the handlebars to the left and the right.
  6. Cables here attach to, when applicable to your model: throttle, display, and brake sensors. Make sure they are routed well, not twisted, and not under excess tension. 

500 Series

700 Series & Cafe Cruiser

LMT'D & Core-5

Roadster v2