Please document your serial number with a photo and record it on your paper owner's manual. 

In the case of theft it is necessary to retain these records.

  • Ride1Up Does not keep serial numbers on file. You can register it online (optional) at Bike Index.
  • Please take a picture of your serial number when you receive the bike. 
  • It can aid in recovering stolen bikes, but follow these tips to prevent theft:

The serial number location varies by model and generation. 

  • Rift

    - Serial number is stamped on the front of the headtube

  • Roadster v2 - 500 Series - Cafe Cruiser -700 Series - Prodigy - Revv 1

    - Serial number & barcode sticker under clear coat is on downtube for current generations (check near bottom).
    - Earlier Generations will have it on the headtube.

  • Core-5 - Turris - LMT'D

    - Serial number is on the bottom bracket (you may have to gently push cables and wires aside to document).

Serial Number Location Diagram