The serial number on your bike is crucial to have if your bike is ever stolen. 

  • Ride1UP Does not keep serial numbers on file. 
  • Please take a picture of your serial number when you receive the bike. 
  • It can also be documented on the owner's manual. 

While it can aid in recovering a stolen bike, the percentage of recovered bikes is low. The best practice is to avoid theft: 

  1. Always lock your bike with a heavy duty lock
  2. Never leave your bike out of site for very long.

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Ride1UP Does not keep serial numbers on file. 

Though not required by us, You can also register it online using your serial number through a 3rd party website:

1) Serial Number: When you receive your bike, take a photo of the serial number! 
  • Roadster V2, 500 Series & 700 Series
  • Serial number & barcode is on downtube for current generations.
    • Check near middle and bottom
  • Serial number is on the headtube for prior generations.

  • Core-5 & LMT'd
  • Serial number is on the bottom bracket (you may have to gently push cables and wires aside to document).