At Ride1Up we encourage our community to learn how our e-bikes work and learn to adjust, maintain and manage their bikes on their own.  However not all customer have the experience, knowledge and tools to do so.  If that is the case, we highly recommend you consult with a certified and reputable bike mechanic in your area for any assembly, maintenance and/or repair needs.

Assembly Video

Important Tips to Avoid Problems:

  • When adjusting your display, please be careful. Do not over tighten display screw and avoid installation where the handlebars are curved or angled. Gently tighten the screw until the display is secure. The display can install on the other side of the brake lever, or closer to the stem at your preference.
    *Tightening at angled sections of the handlebars reduces surface area contact and the clamp may crack or break*
  • DO NOT tighten or adjust your bottom bracket (some mechanics may do this as an assembly check) - the cadence sensor is integrated into the bottom bracket and proper steps must be taken to make any adjustment or service:

It is important to tune your bike after getting it assembled

As any mechanic will tell you, there is a difference between an assembled bike and a well tuned bike. Initial break in and jostling in shipping, can cause key parts to come out of tune. It is important to go over them once the bike is assembled to avoid issues and get the most out of your new ride. These following links will help with this process. 


  1. Adjust and tune your brakes
  2. Are your cables and wires routed well?
  3. Roadster V2 display information and care 
  4. Roadster V2 belt information