International direct shipment only to Canada.

However, many of our customers still enjoy their Ride1UP eBikes all over the globe!

This is best achieved by using a 3rd party freight forwarding service and processing your payment on our website with PayPal Checkout.

Transit time is approximately 3-8 business days to your domestic freight forwarder from our fulfillment center.

Customs/duty tax may be enforced. We have seen this cost vary significantly depending on the country and enforcement, so we cannot give you an estimate on this. We have seen this vary anywhere between 0-14% and charged by the freight company at the border or upon delivery. The buyer must do all of their own due diligence with respect to certifications, local regulations, etc. and we are not responsible for any duties or fees upon delivery. It is recommended to check with the shipping forwarder before placing your order so you do not incur additional charges from them when they receive your package. 


Examples of freight forwarding services that ship US products across the globe are:
Once a company is chosen, use the dimensions found under Shipping Information for your particular model (example below) to provide to your freight forwarder.


Giving these dimensions and delivery information to your freight forwarder allows them to provide you with a shipping cost estimate and their domestic address for us to ship your bike to within the U.S.

When you place your order with us, you must use the PayPal Checkout method to process your order. See below:

Use the domestic U.S. address that your freight forwarder provided you when entering delivery information during checkout.
This allows for delivery to your location anywhere in the world - it's that easy!

*Please note that warranty service and coverage is reduced for international orders. If an issue were to arise, mechanic labor and locally sourced parts are covered under the warranty within 30 days of delivery. Small parts or replacements often cannot be shipped to your location.