The panniers are large and quite robust. However, some steps need to be taken to minimize the chance of a hook breaking. Not commonly an issue, but if you are pushing the weight limit, riding on rough surfaces, it can happen. Many of us love to load up our bikes for adventures, jaunts, or commutes, if that is you, please review the 4 sections below!

  1. Setting Up Your Panniers
  2. Hooks and Clips
  3. Velcro Straps
  4. Bungee Repair or Replacement

Setting Up Your Panniers

  • Please make sure all 4 hooks are on the rack. You can separate the 2 sides from each other (some models from 2020 cannot), this makes it much easier to install the hooks.
  • Use the velcro straps on the inner surface to secure the bags to the rack so they do not shift or move as much when loaded.
  • Another point of adjustment, is the velcro connecting each side to the other. If you adjust this properly it will result in a better more secure fit and support or redirect some of the weight. Some Ride1UP owners stash a rain jacket, lock, or other items in this space below the panniers to keep things hidden or protected in the rain (Some models sold in 2020 and prior do not have this feature to detach, but still have straps to increase tension).

If you take all of these steps, this will keep things in place and minimize the chance of anything breaking. If something does unfortunately brake please see below.

Some people wonder why the panniers sit so high on the rack. This is to avoid not only heel strike, but also to keep heavy cargo away from the rear derailleur. If you have ever experienced heel strike, you know annoying it can be. Hopefully your panniers are up and away from your heel. Additionally you can use a bungie or strap to secure something to the rack underneath the cover of the pannier.

Hooks & Clips

Occasionally if not properly secured, overloaded, hit a pot hole, or have a rough ride, a pannier clip may break. This is very unfortunate, luckily there are options. I recommend going with a simple hook replacement, there are quick release options out there, but you will have to verify it will work well for your rack, bag, and usage.

Whether purchasing after market panniers or replacement hooks, please verify it will work with your rack. If the clip is too big or too small, it may not work well.

The 500 Series Rack diameter is 16mm - There are many options out there, but this one fits up to 16mm racks: 6-16mm pannier hook

10-16mm pannier hook set

If you are often loading up your panniers or saddlebags to the limit, it might be best to go with a metal J hook.

Alternatively, if you have a rack with 10mm diameter rails please check out Universal Pannier and their 3-D printed replacement hooks. You can purchase new ones on their website. You can purchase slightly cheaper versions with cosmetic blemishes on their ebay store. Lastly, here is their installation guide.

Velcro Straps
If you have any issue with the velcro straps, while some of us do not have the suing skills required, you can add some longer heavy duty velcro straps and secure them with a nut, short bolt, and washer. This is not typically needed, but if you are pushing the weight limit and riding rough, it may be what you need for your ride!

Bungee Repair or Replacement
If the elastic material came out of the plastic, in most cases this can be repaired. This can happen if you are reaching the limits of what the bungee can hold. 

  • The plastic part can be carefully pried open. 
  • Insert the elastic back into its original position.
  • Snap the plastic back together.

If your bungee has failed in some other way or part of it was lost, replacements can be purchased online in a 2 pack: Replacement Bungee. Depending on your needs, you can also search for other styles. Please be mindful that items are always secure and nothing is loose near moving parts of the wheel.