Video Tutorial

At some point during your ownership of your electric bike it may become necessary to replace the stator on your bike. It is rare that they fail but sometimes this does happen. The video below shows a great over view. After the wheel is removed, you only have to remove the cassette lock ring and cassette. Then remove 6 bolts, slide the current stator out. Then slide the new stator in. It is fairly straight forward, the following article goes over how this process is done and what to expect when you open up the hub.

Tools needed

  • Screwdriver with appropriate bits (some models may use #1 Philips, some use torx bits). 
    • Please be certain you have the right size, too big or too small, you may strip the screw. 
    • If you do strip a screw, please stop and reach out before proceeding. You may need a screw extractor kit.
  • A chain whip and cassette lockring tool: This one comes as a kit. The lockring tool must have a hole for the motor cable to fit through like the one shown in the link.
  • 2 adjustable wrenches or 2 properly sized wrenches (be careful to properly adjust them and not damage the nuts).
  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease - A good lubricant to use for planetary gears. When lubricating inside the rear hub is important to note that a little is a lot. Is is not beneficial to overload the rear hub with lubricant as the gears fit so well it will push the grease out and could damage electrical components.


  1. Remove rear wheel from bike, if unsure on how to do this, the following link can help:
  2. Remove the cassette from the wheel (Only necessary if the replacement motor does not have a , if unsure on how to do this, the following link can help:
  3. Remove the six stator bolts as seen below in image one below, be certain to use the proper bit to avoid stripping or damaging the bolt. 
  4. There are two axle nuts on either side of the hub. While holding the one on the gear side, remove the one on the disc side. See image two below.
  5. Once the axle nut is removed the stator can be extracted from the hubshell. To do this, tap on the end of the disc side axle to dislodge the stator. 
  6. Install new stator assembly into hubshell. (remember to lightly grease the planetary gears) Make sure it sits flush.
  7. Reinstall the disc side axle nut. Tighten the axle nut till it barely touches the bearing and then turn it one half turn more to set proper adjustment. 
  8. Reinstall the six stator bolts in a criss-cross pattern. Do not over tighten.
  9. Reinstall cassette.
  10. Tighten cassette lockring
  11. Reinstall rear wheel properly: Failure to do so could damage your new motor cable, bike, or cause injury.