At some point during the ownership of a Roadster, riders may need to replace the rear cog to change gearing or to replace a worn one. Belts, chainrings, and cogs are all consumable items that will wear out over time. With these few steps, one will know everything needed to replace the rear cog and keep your Roadster running for years to come. 


Tools Required

Remove Rear Wheel

Start by removing the rear wheel from the bike. The article linked here covers how to do so. Take care not to damage the motor cable in the process.

Removing the rear Cog

  1. Remove the dust cover, axle nut, washer, and torque washer from the axle as shown below
  2. Being careful not to damage the pins on the motor cable slide the cassette tool over the motor cable and into the lock ring
  3. Install the strap wrench as shown below making sure the "foot" is positioned like in the picture below
  4. Secure the Crescent wrench onto the cassette tool as also shown in the picture below
  5. Apply a downward force to both the Crescent wrench and the strap wrench
  6. The Crescent wrench will turn freely in a counterclockwise direction when the lock ring has "broken lose"
  7. Once the lock ring has been broken loose remove the lock ring, short spacer, and cog, the long spacer can be left in place. 
  8. Reinstall in the reverse order making sure the spacers and gears are all the way one as shown below before installing the lock ring
  9. Torque the lock ring to 40Nm
  10. Reinstall the torque washer as shown below followed by the washer, axle nut, and dust cover
  11. After reinstalling the wheel back onto the bike be sure to properly tensions your belt using this article: All about your Belt       

This video link also details the process.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions about your ebike please reach out to our Contact Us page we are glad to help!