Over the course of ownership, the orange gear indicator in your Shimano shifter may stop working. Fortunately this is an easy fix and the shifter likely does not need to be replaced. It likely needs on or both of the following:

  • Lubrication: See video
  • Adjustment: See steps and pictures outlined below

The orange indicator sits in a track inside the shifter. Often times when these fail to move, it is because the indicator has popped out of the track on the inside. In some cases it just needs to be cleaned or lubricated.


This video covers how to flush it out, if you have a good lubricant you can attempt this first for a quick fix. 


It may need to be reset to regain functionality. The following few images go through how to do this process. The photos show the shifter off the bike, this was done for easier photographing, however the shifter can be repaired in place on the handlebars by disconnecting the cable at the derailleur.