Add-On Battery Installation

If turning your bike over to complete the wiring and installation, be mindful of your display and brake levers

If laying your bike down, it would be best to lay it on the left side to avoid damaging the motor cable/wire.

Video Sections 

  1. Intro (0:00)
  2. What's Included/ how the battery works (0:15)
  3. Overview of process (4:33)
  4. Battery Mount Install (6:15)
  5. Controller Access (11:19)
  6. Battery Install(18:21) 

Instruction and tips for install

A). Remove and charge the battery.

  1. Always remove the add-on battery from the bike before charging.
  2. Using the key, remove the battery from the hardware.
  3. Plug the charger into a grounded outlet.
  4. Connect the charger to the round charging port of your add-on battery.
  5. Never leave your charging battery unattended and unplug soon after charging is complete.
  6. Make sure all charging ports are sealed and covered when not in use.

B). Mounting the hardware.

  1. In the 1st picture below, on the left you can see the bosses and bolts normally for the water bottle.
  2. Next you can see the mounting plate and it has 2 recessed holes to accommodate the bosses on the seat tube.
  3. You can see what it should look like once installed on the right. If you zoom in you can see the orientation of these bolts.
  4. Once the mounting plate is installed, please install the base of the add-on battery and rail to the mounting plate being mindful it is clear of the crank wheel.

C). Connecting the wiring

  • Keep add-on battery uninstalled until everything is complete
  1. Wire routing, carefully route the wires from the add-on battery base on the right side and then in between the chain stays. 
    1. If necessary, Zip-tie them to secure them and make sure they will not be damaged by the belt, tire, crankwheel, etc.
  2. Carefully remove the 2 bolts holding the original plate at the bottom of the downtube (See 2nd picture below)
  3. Gently slide the wires and internal controller out. Do not for anything or pull hard.
  4. Locate the yellow XT connector that is connected to the internal controller (outlined in red below) and disconnect it.
  5. Carefully note and check the wire routing before making these connection, it is best to have the wires coming from the base of the add-on battery routed on the left side of your bike (when upright)
  6. Connect each end of the yellow XT connector (from controller and battery) to the connectors of the wire leaving the base of the add-on battery mount.
  7. Carefully slide the internal controller back in the same orientation it was.
  8. Carefully position the wires, noting the bolt hols on the plate. This may take a little patience and effort to get just right. 
  9. Do not force anything and do not force the bolts in damaging wires. The area must be clear. 
  10. Install the new plate received with the add-on battery (it includes a larger access hole).