At some point during the ownership of your Prodigy you may need to access the motor. There are plastic covers on either side of the bike that allow the user to do so. 

The right side (drive side) of the bike does not have much behind it and is harder to access as the chainring needs to be removed. The left side (non-drive side) cover has all the motor cable connections behind it along with the motor mounting bolts. In this article, we go over how to remove the left side to access these vital connections for maintenance or troubleshooting. 

Step 1: Remove the crank arm bolt

  • The non-drive side crankarm will need to be removed so the cover can come off. 
  • The 8mm bolt will have to be removed which can be done with the tools provided for assembly. 
  • Be sure to not lose the bolt, it will be needed for reassembly. 

Step 2: Remove the crank arm 

Once the bolt is removed the arm can be pulled off the spindle. This does require a special tool so as not to damage the arm or the motor cover. 

  • The tool must first be threaded into the arm tightly and then the inner part of the tool can be turned to push the arm off the spindle. 
  • The following two links can help with this if you are new to pulling cranks. 
  • The first link is one example of the tool needed however a Google search for "splined crankarm puller" can find many alternative options. The second link is how to use the tool. 
  • Link for splined crank arm puller
  • How to use splined crank arm tool

Step 3: Remove the cover fasteners 

  • Once the arm is out of the way the cover can be removed. 
  • There are six long screws that hold this cover on, they are all #2 cross-tip heads and all the screws are the same length. 
  • Once removed the cover will come off. 

Final steps and reassembly

Once the cover is off it will look similar to the pictures below. 

  • The wires all plug into the motor on the right side. 
  • There are three motor mounting nuts that are indicated in the photo. 
  • As soon as your service work is complete reverse the steps above to reassemble the bike. 

It is important to inspect the edge of the case to ensure no wires are pinched when tightening down the plastic cover. It is best to retighten the screws in the order shown above to avoid damage to the plastic cover.