Congratulations on the purchase of your new Ride1UP Connect+ Front ebike rack.
*Important note: This rack has a max capacity of 20lbs.


Tools needed:
3mm allen wrench
5mm allen wrench
8mm wrench or small adjustable wrench

  1. Securely place your ebike on its kickstand and make sure it's off.
  2. Use the 5mm allen wrench to remove the headlight bolt and just let the headlight carefully hang to the side for now.
  3. Install the fork tube clamps around the fork tube as shown with the tabs facing forward and to the inside. They will probably slide down some, don't worry about that for now.
  4. Rest the rack on the front tire, brace arms hanging down to the side.
  5. Slide a washer over a M5x15mm bolt and insert it into the outside tab of the fork tube clamp, then through the rack brace arm and then through the inside tab of the fork tube clamp and loosely install a nut on the bolt. Repeat for the opposite side.
  6. Slide the large washer over the M6x12mm bolt and into the tab at the back of the rack. If you have a front fender go through its mounting tab and then into the back of the fork arch.
  7. Center the front rack up and tighten up the M6 bolt at the top of the fork arch with a 5mm allen wrench.
  8. Tighten up all 4 of the fork arm brace bolts with a 3mm allen wrench and a 8mm wrench, starting with the two at the fork tube clamps.
  9. Once the rack is secure, safely tug the extra wire out of the wiring harness, sometimes you will need to unwrap some of the protective cover. Securely route the headlight to the front of the rack.
  10. Place a washer over the M5x12mm bolt and into the headlight and then into the rack followed by the M5 nut.
  11. Confirm the washer is between the bolt head and the headlight and tighten it up with a 3mm allen wrench and 8mm wrench.
  12. Go ride!
Please note: Some forks will need the included rubber spacers to take up the space in the fork tube clamps. This is paramount for tapered fork legs. Omitting spacers can cause the rack to fail.