Basket Installation Video

Tools required

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 3mm hex wrench


  1. Open and separate all components.
  2. Start by sliding all four of the spreader bars into the two sides of the basket cage. Spin each spreader until
    the holes line up with the mounting holes in the basket. Loosely start each M5x10 bolt into each spreader bar end, going through the mounting hole in the basket first. 
  3. Once all 8 bolts have been installed, place the basket upside down on a flat table and tighten up all 8 bolts using the 3mm allen wrench keeping the basket against the table while doing so. 
  4. Locate the two springs, and place them onto the pins on the spring plate and slide the other ends of the springs over the pins in the latch body, noting the short side of the spring plate should go in first and rest against the inside of the latch body. Squeeze the springs together and push the spring plate into the latch body as pictured. 
  5. Turn the basket over, place the latch body in the basket with the movable part of the latch facing the slanted
    end of the basket and the springs facing up.
  6. Place the base plate on top of the latch inside the basket and loosely start the 4 M5x15mm Phillips head bolts into the basket, going through the base plate and latch body first. Center the base plate and latch body in the basket and tighten the 4 Phillips head bolts.
  7. Install the cover with the Ride1Up Badge on the opposite end from the slanted side.
  8. Go ride!