The rear rack is rated for up to 50 lbs. capacity and is only to be used with our LMT’D, Turris, and Core-5 model ebikes

Installation Video Tutorial

Tools required

  • 3mm allen wrench
  • 4mm allen wrench
  • 5mm allen wrench
  • 8mm wrench
  • 10mm wrench

Installation steps

  1. Start by placing a small washer onto each of the M4x20mm bolts. Using those bolts and the M4 washers, loosely attach the two side support brackets to the outside of the rack with the straight side closest to the Connect+ logo.

  1. Insert each of the Rack Bolts onto the large open end of each aluminum block and loosely start an M6 nut onto the threads on each rack bolt. Use the M6x14mm Allen bolts to loosely attach each aluminum block to each side of the rail along the front of the rack. Position the aluminum blocks so the eyes of each rack bolt face inward.

  1. Place the rack over the back tire with the Connect+ logo closest to your seat. Place a small washer over each of the M5x12mm bolts and use those bolts to connect the lower legs of the side support brackets to the dropouts of your bike just above the axle. Hand-tighten them at this time. 

  1. Insert each long rack support arm into the holes in the rack bolts. You want them positioned so the bends face out and the ends point down. Place a small washer over each of the M5x12mm bolts and loosely attach each rack support arm to the seat stay of your ebike.

  1. Once everything is attached, go around and snug all the hardware up while holding the rack level. Check the rack is sitting level and straight and then tighten up the Rack Bolts with the 10mm wrench. Next, tighten up the M6 bolts that hold the aluminum block to the rack using a 5mm Allen wrench. Use your 4mm Allen wrench to tighten up the four M5 bolts that attach the rack to your ebike. Finally, use your 3mm Allen wrench and 8mm wrench to tighten the 4 nuts and bolts that attach the side support brackets to the rack. Double-check all of the hardware.

  1. The rubber caps go on the ends of the support arms. 

Please make checking the rear rack hardware a part of your routine bike maintenance.

Parts and Hardware