Part of keeping your bike maintained and safe to ride is keeping the brakes setup properly. This includes proper brake pad adjustment, ensuring there is plenty of pad material left so the bike can be stopped in a short/ safe distance and the condition of the components are in working order. 

Roadster V2 Dual Pivot Brakes:

Here is a video from Park tool where they go over in detail how to adjust & center Dual-Pivot calipers & brake pads:

Click here for Roadster V2 Replacement Brake pads

Gravel Edition with Disk Brakes:

Disk brakes offer great stopping and long life and are easy to maintain with a little bit of knowledge but they do differ from traditional brakes in their setup and adjustment. The videos below should help you get the hang of it.


1st Video: As the title suggests explains "A Quick Adjustment" is great for minor problems

2nd Video: Discusses noises, cleaning your brake rotors and pads, sanding your brake rotor or even filing your brake pads if they became hot during heavy braking and are glazed over.

Great information on how to replace your pads and rotors:

Replacing Disc Brake Pads & Rotors