Assembly Video

Assembly Tips - Avoid Common Mistakes

  1. Carefully remove ONLY the packing zip ties, do not cut any wires, cables, or zip ties that are used to route wires. 
  2. The left pedal must go on the left, install by hand counter clockwise. It should go in easily. Then tighten with a thin wrench no wider than the flat. 
  3. The right pedal must go on the right, install by hand clockwise. Then tighten with a thin wrench no wider than the flat. 
  4. Make sure the display is on the left and that the wires route smoothly down to the frame without being twisted or under tension. 
  5. Note: there is additional hardware included to install a passenger kit accessory (available on our parts page), should you decide to utilize the dual passenger capable rear rack.

Before Riding - After Assembly Tuning

  1. Tune your derailleur with bike off and verify hanger is straight: Tuning Rear Derailleur
    1. Failure to do this may cause damage to your rear wheel, shift sensor, derailleur, and derailleur hanger.
  2. Make sure your brakes are tuned: Brake Adjustment.
  3. Check your cable and wire routing comparing to the video to avoid damage and tension.
  4. Learn about your display: Rift Display