The following steps unlock class three mode on your bicycle. 
This will enable the PAS to provide power up to 28mph and throttle power to 20mph. 

1. Settings Screen

To start enter the settings screen in your display by holding the plus and minus buttons.

Once in the menu, use the display buttons to navigate through the menu. The (+) and (-) buttons scroll through the menu options. The center button is used to select.

2. Navigate to "Advanced Settings"

Using the +/- buttons, scroll down to the "advanced settings" option and use the center/select button to select "advanced settings". The system will then prompt you for a password. The default password is "1212"

3. Selecting Speed Settings

Once inside the Advanced Settings, use the (-) button to scroll down to "Next_Page" and press the center/select button. 

Once on the next page shown below, select the speed limit option using the center button. The  (+/-) buttons will update the speed limit setting to either "20 mph" (class 2), or "28 mph" (class 3). Once the desired speed limit setting is chosen, press the center/select button to update the setting. 

4. Saving The Speed Limit Settings

Once the speed limit setting has been updated, use the display buttons to return back to the main menu and exit. Once you exit the main menu, this will save the updated speed limit setting for future use. This completes the process of changing the bike to Class 3 mode.