Throughout this article we will refer to the right and left side. This is relative to you sitting on the bike in a forward riding position. The right side of the bike will have the gears (referred to as the drive side of the bike) and the left side is the side without the gears (referred to as the non-drive side of the bike).

Identifying your Cranks

  • First be sure of what model of bike you have. If unsure please reach out to our customer support department with pictures of your bike and order number if available.
  • If you are replacing both sides with a matching set you can proceed to the next step. If you are just replacing one arm you will need to remove one of the crank arm bolts using a 8mm allen wrench  as shown below.

  • Once you have the crank arm bolt off you will need to look inside and see what style of crank arm you have. The picture below shows the two different styles. The main difference is the orientation of the hole for the bottom bracket spindle.

Ordering the correct parts

  • You will need to select an arm or pair of arms from the chart below and the correct puller listed for your bike.
  • If you do not have a 8mm allen wrench and a bike pedal wrench or a thin 15mm wrench to remove the pedals you will need to order those as well.
  • If your crank arm bolts are not damaged there is no need to replace them.

    Crank Arm Bolts all Models Except Prodigy
    Crank Arm Bolts for Prodigy ONLY

ModelLeft ArmRight ArmBoth ArmsPuller
500 SeriesLeft Arm
Both Arms - See note 1 belowCrank Arm Puller
700 SeriesLeft Arm
Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller
Cafe Cruiser

Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller

Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller
LMT'D CadenceLeft Arm
Both Arms - See note 1 belowCrank Arm Puller
LMT'D Torque 

Both Crank Arms DiamondCrank Arm Puller

Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller - Prodigy ONLY
Revv 1

Both Crank Arms - See Note 2 belowCrank Arm Puller

Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller

Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller

Both Crank ArmsCrank Arm Puller

Note 1: Be sure to select 45T when checking out. This is slightly larger than the 44T, but will work with the same chain (If you get a much larger one, you may need a longer chain).

Note 2: The Revv 1 HT uses a 40t Chainring and the FS uses a 42t chainring. The one listed is 42t and will work on the HT with a longer chain.

Removing the pedals

  • To remove the pedals (or just one pedal if only changing one crank arm) use a bike pedal wrench or a thin 15mm wrench.
  • The right or drive side pedal will come off buy turning the pedal counter clockwise.
  • The left or non drive side removes by tuning it clockwise.
  • The video below covers how to do so.

Removing and Installing new Crank Arms

  • The video below covers removing the crank arms.
  • Be sure to orient the crank arms in opposite directions (180 degrees apart) when installing. 
  • Tighten the crank arm bolts to 39Nm.

Installing the Pedals

  • Woo-hoo you're almost done!
  • Be certain the left pedal is on the left side of the bike with the left crank arm and the right pedal is on the right side of the bike with the right crank arm. 
  • Apply a small amount of grease to the threads of the pedals
  • Thread the pedals in by hand to start, do so carefully, you should not have to force them. Once they are threaded in properly to start and when you are certain they are properly aligned you can use a bike pedal wrench or a thin 15mm wrench (see picture below) to finish tightening them.
  • Failure to properly thread the pedal into the crank arm will cause cross threading to the crank arm.
  • If you use a wrench that is too wide, it will be in the way as you tighten the pedal. This will cause it to not be fully tightened which can then damage the threads in the crank arm once ridden.

Taking care to ensure the pedals are threaded in correctly and tight is the best way to prevent future problems with your cranks.


  • Periodically check the pedals and crank arm bolts and ensure they are tight. This will prevent damage to the pedals and crank arms.
  • Keeping your bike clean and free of dirt and road grime will prevent premature pedal bearing failure

Your Local bike shop

  • Your local bike shop can assist with replacing your crank arms as well and they do not need to be an ebike specific shop to do the work.
  • They will have the proper tools and skills to replace them for you or help you along the way like just pulling the arms off for you.

Please reach out to customer support if you have any questions.