All Ride1UP ebikes use commonly available Metric hardware available from your local bike shop, hardware store or favorite online retailer. Below you will find information on bolt sizing and the common bolts sizes required for our ebikes. If you have any questions please reach out to Customer Support and we will be glad to help you.

How bolts are measured

    Let's go over how to identify the bolt the size you need. All of our bikes use bolts sized from M3-M8 and are measured as shown below. All Metric bolts are measured in the same way. Let's use a bolt sized or referred to as "M5x20mm" as an example.


  • "M5" refers to the size of the bolt or it's diameter not the size of allen wrench it takes to turn it.  
  • In the example below the bolt measures 4.77mm and is rounded up to 5mm and therefore is a M5 bolt.
  • A bolt measuring 5.85mm in dimeter is a M6 bolt and so on.


The M5x"20mm" from the above example tells us the length is 20mm long. This is not the overall length of the bolt, only the section under the head of the bolt that goes into the bike or accessory as shown below:

Thread pitch

The thread pitch for our bikes is most commonly the standard or "coarse" thread pitch found. The thread pitch is the distance between the peaks of the threads measured longwise along the bolt as shown in the example below. If we do not refer to the pitch in the bolt size then you can assume its the standard coarse pitch.

  • M5 bolts have a common thread pitch of 0.8mm
  • M6 bolts have a common thread pitch of 1.0mm

Color Codes

  • The bolt or bolt hole circled is the size noted in the same color to the right on the chart
  • Sometimes paint makes the bolts a tight fit and might need to be cleared away
  • Do not use bolts of a different size or length or you risk damaging your bike