1. What does the balancer do?
    -The balancer allows riders to plug in two batteries at once, in parallel, to power their Revv 1 electric bicycle. The dual batteries will allow riders greater range while maintaining the same power and top speed figures. Having a dual battery setup will increase the bicycle's range but will not increase the top speed, torque, power, or voltage. 

  2. What additional parts do I need to use the balancer?
    - Riders will need two Ride1UP Revv batteries to use the balancer. All of our batteries come with the battery cradle and cable needed to attach the battery to the bicycle. For riders who just own one bike and battery, they will need to order a second Ride1UP battery and the balancer to get a dual battery setup. 

  3. Will the balancer work with both the hardtail and the full suspension? 
    - Yes, it is fully compatible with both models. 

  4. Can I use a 15ah and 20ah battery with the balancer? 
    - Riders can use any configuration of Ride1UP Revv 1 batteries they like. Two 20ah, two 15ah, or one of each, it does not matter. 

  5. How do I charge batteries with the balancer in place?
    - Both batteries need to be charged independently. Riders will have to plug their charger(s) directly into the battery(s) they wish to charge.
  6. How does the balancer drain the batteries?
    - The balancer will pull power from the battery that has the higher voltage, until they are even. Once the batteries have equal voltage, they will drain evenly until both are fully depleted.

  7. Can I use third-party batteries with the balancer?
    - Using any third-party battery, charger, or other electronic component on a Ride1UP bicycle will void the warranty. This is not recommended.

  8. Where does the balancer go on the bike? 
    - The balancer sits inside the controller compartment at the bottom of the bicycle. It plugs directly into the controller. 

  9. Is there a way to plug two batteries into the Revv 1 without the balancer?
    -No. Using the balancer is the only Ride1UP approved method of using two active batteries on the Revv 1.
  10. What is the warranty on the balancer?
    -The balancer has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Incorrect assembly, crash damage, and other user-related issues are not covered. Use of non RIde1UP batteries will void the warranty on the balancer and bicycle. 

  11. Will the balancer work on other Ride1UP models? 
    -The balancer is not approved to work on other bicycles. At this time, it will only work with the Ride1UP Revv 1 electric bicycle.