During the course of your bike's ownership, it may become necessary to access the internal controller of the bike. This black box holds some base-level programming for the bike, connects all the electronic parts, and is vital for the bike's functionality. In this article, we will go over where to locate the controller, how to access it, and show the different wiring configurations. 

Step 1: Locate the Controller

The controller is the black box in front of the back tire behind the seat tube

Step 2: Remove the Controller

  • While the bike is on the kickstand remove the 4 2.5mm allen bolts as shown below. 
  • The included allen wrench will work but a 2.5mm 1/4" drive bit will make the process faster

  • Once the 4 bolts are removed, a black spacer plate will try to fall out. Please do not lose it as you will need it for reinstallation.
  • Once the 4 bolts have been removed position the controller as shown below. Turning the controller 90 degrees will allow it to pass through the frame. This is needed to create slack on the electrical cables.

Step 3: Flip the bike into the "Yoga" Position

See the assembly video on how to fold and unfold the bike if you are not already familiar. 

  • We recommend some pillows or yoga mat be laid down to protect your bike
  • Flip the bike into the position shown below to access the wiring 
  • You might need to secure the two-wheel together with a belt or rope to keep them from spreading. This is not necessary but it can help keep things stable while working on the bike. 

Step 4: Removing the Frame Cover Plate

  • Once the bike is in what we like to call the "Yoga Position" we can proceed
  • Remove the 4 Phillips head bolts that hold the frame cover plate on and set them aside for reassembly.

Step 5: Unplug the Wires

  • Unplug the taillight wire as shown under the bottom bracket
  • After unplugging the tailing wires you can unplug the rest of the wires inside the frame.
  • If there is not enough slack in the wires make sure the controller is still in position between the chainstays

The wires coming out of the controller are as follows

Step 6: Remove the controller

  • Pull the old controller out noting how the wires are routed

Step 7: Reinstall the controller

  • Reinstall the new controller in reverse order making sure not to forget the spacer plate between the motor and controller.
  • Be mindful that the protective spring is in place as shown below