Portola battery cells

The Portola compact folding ebike uses Yiwei lithium-ion cells made by Yiwei Lithium Energy Ltd. The cells are housed and arranged in a Reention company Rhino battery casing.

What is Yiwei Lithium Energy Ltd?

Yiwei is a globally competitive battery company that has been in the lithium battery industry for nearly 20 years and has ranked first in sales and production in China for many years. However, Yiwei is still a relatively unknown company to the average American consumer, with more domestically known battery cell producers like Samsung and LG taking the forefront of brand awareness in the United States.

Yiwei cells are known in the worldwide Lithium industry for superior quality, longevity, and power. In fact, as of September 2022, Yiwei has even won the BMW electric drive technology battery contract with BMW Group due to their high standards of production and performance criteria generally associated with BMW Group and EU regulations as a whole.