What is the Revv 1 Battery Balancer?

This device allows you to use two batteries (the second battery purchased separately here) at the same time. This effectively doubles your range. Note that this will not affect your top speed and is not compatible with the center storage cage accessory (they both mount to the same part of the frame, so it's one or the other. The 2nd battery & mounting plate can be used inside the center storage cage however). For further questions please see our Dual Battery Balancer FAQ or contact customer support.

Step 1- Remove the Controller Cover

  • Remove the battery from the bike and then try to turn the bike on as usual using the power button. This will remove the stored power in the system *we can not provide new underwear if you omit this step*
  • Let's start by unbolting the motor cover using T-25 torx and removing the 8 bolts as shown below

  • Unplug the original battery plug from the controller shown below. The yellow plug labeled "XT60" is the one for the power.

Step 2- Detach the Second Battery Plate

  • Unbox the second battery from the box and carefully place it upside down on a soft surface
  • Unlock the battery with the included set of keys (be sure to put one in a safe place so it does not get lost)
  • Slide plate off as shown below while holding the battery in place

Step 3- Mount Second Battery Plate

  • Loosely mount plate to controller cover with 4 M5x20mm bolts that can be ordered here or picked up from your local hardware store
  • The wire needs to face toward the back as shown below
  • Do not tighten the plate down at this time

Step 4- Route Cable 

  • Route the second battery cable out the back of the frame and into the lower section of the frame in front of the bottom bracket as shown below

  • Route cable into battery box as shown below

Step 5- Attaching Balancer

  • Unbox the balancer
  • Plug in the balancer as shown below

  • Please note there are two types of plugs on the balancer. One that goes to the controller and two that go to the batteries. The battery plugs are interchangeable so it does not matter which one plugs into each battery. As long as you do not force the connections together, it is very hard to mix them up.

Step 6- Cable Management

  • Pull the extra wire into the battery compartment leaving just enough for the control box to rest on the floor as shown below

  • Secure the balancer as shown below with zip ties. Please be mindful not to pull any of the wires tight or put the wires in any tight bend. This can cause damage to the cables which is not covered under warranty.

  • Thin strips of soft velcro can be used around the edges if it rattles do not cover the face as it needs to cool the balancer

Step 7- Reinstall the Controller Cover

  • Install the controller cover back in place being careful not to pinch any wires
  • Install all 8 bolts and tighten to 5-7Nm

Step 8 - Position the Second Battery plate

  • Slide the battery plate all the way back being mindful not to pinch the power wire
  • Tighten the 4 bolts securing it to 5-7Nm 
  • Secure power cable as shown with a zip tie

  • Tuck any extra wire back into the battery compartment

Step 9- General Functionality

  • Install both batteries in place, lock both batteries, and remove the key
  • Test that the batteries cannot be slid off when locked. Perform this test before every ride.
  • The batteries drain at the same time but do need to be charged independently.
  • You can use one battery at a time and do not need both installed. 
  • The bike will use power from the battery with the higher charge until they are even, then will drain both down together